Thanks for visiting my site even if it was a mistake. 


There'll be stuff to look at for free, and just one thing on here to buy: My book coming out by Skyhorse Publishing, "Maybe We'll Have You Back". 

My film Fred & Vinnie is free, well sort of if you have Netflix streaming. Amazon, Target, and other places I think will be on this site for you to get it. 

I never did a blog, but maybe I'll try one. I'm an expert at the best restaurants where you don't feel self conscious eating alone at, so maybe I'll share some of them with you, and other things as they happen. That's a blog, right? 

The website designer said this should be my funny personal introduction to my site. I admit I held back a little. I was scared of peaking too early. This is my warm-up.

Be patient. 

Buy My Kindle Single for $1.99, *Free w/ Amazon Prime

Fred Stoller has appeared on practically every great sitcom you've ever seen - Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Murphy Brown just to name a few. But he has never been a regular on a series, always the guest star. He longs to find a showbiz home. "My Seinfeld Year" tells the hysterical and bittersweet story of what happened when Stoller finally got a shot at the showbiz stability he'd always dreamed of -- as a staff writer on one of the biggest television shows in history.

And This Kindle Single for $1.99, *Free w/ Amazon Prime

In Five Minutes to Kill, tells the story of the Young Comedians Special in 1989. Six talented, then-unknown comics took the stage with the hopes that their five-minute sets would propel them to fame and fortune. Some, like David Spade and Rob Schneider, hit it big; others didn’t. By turns hilarious and heart-wrenching, Five Minutes to Kill is the bittersweet story of what happened to six of America’s funniest people after their first big breaks.